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Laojia Art Museum lies roughly 18km from Desheng Gate and is located squarely on a central axis in Beijing, with Huilongguan to the west, Pingxi Royal Mansion to the north and Lishui Bridge to the south. Plans for construction were drawn up in 1994, the building was completed in 1996 and the museum opened to the public on October 16, 1997. Laojia Art Museum measures 3500m2, with the gallery hall occupying 400m2. The museum is a gracefully constructed rectangle; at its entrance four stone pillars stand erect, joined by a 100m2 embossment. The embossment is inspired by “Unity is Strength,”a representative work of Laojia, and isdemonstrative of the quality and atmosphere of the museum hall. The principal portion of the structure is surrounded by a lawn, flower bed, rare stones and sculptures, and the standout lotus pond, all of which complement the style—classic and without pretension, warm, pithy and natural—of the art works and paintings shown in theMuseum.

The Museum’s main functions are exhibitions, creations, research projects, lectures, seminars, popularization and exchange. The Museum aims to plant seeds of art, creating an environment where artistic endeavors can grow and flourish. Laojia Art Museum is actively campaigning through a variety of projects to uniteunknown and distinguished artists alike with art lovers,for the advancement of Chinese art and society.

Despite Laojia Art Museum’s distance from Beijing’s bustling downtown, numerous artists, scholarsand collectors from Europe, America, and throughout Asia constantly visit, complemented by an inestimable number ofart-loversof all stripes.

Museum hours:Saturday、Sunday and Holiday 9:30--11:30 am , 1:30-- 5:00 pm

Address:Laojia Art Museum, Changping District,Beijing China