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Laojia Art Museum Studio
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The Laojia Art Museum Studio was establishedpriorto the Museum’s official opening. The Laojia Art Museum Studio has become a home shared by people who pursue excellence in fine arts. Among those who have used the studio are artists who have come to learn from Laojia, otherswho wish to pursue further artistic knowledge and still others who came simply to visit and exchange ideas.Visitors have come from throughout China—including some who were professional painters, forming the backbone of China’s fine arts circle. They stayed over, enjoyed meals, conducted research or created works in the Studio. The Studio has yielded not only wonderful memories but also achievements of lasting significance.

The piece “The Scroll of Historical Painting of Militiamen,” which was awarded theGold Medal by the 9thNational Exhibition of Fine Arts, was completed in the studio by a team comprised of Yu, Changjiang, Chen Rong, Qian, Zongfei and Wu, Taoyi.

The most notable Laojia Art Museum Studio exhibitions include:

• Eight People Exhibition of Laojia
• 5th Anniversary Laojia Art Museum Studio Exhibition
• May Exhibition, South Korea
• Yang Xian Solo Exhibition

In the past decade, Studio artistshave invested great effort, and as a result their work has won high praise fromleading scholars; the work produced by artists from the Studio has caught international attention, with several exhibitionsheld in Seoul, South Korea

Exhibitions of paintings in Korea
1. By invitation of the Love of Clothing Group Ltd. in Korea, an exhibition of paintings fromthe Laojia Art Museum Studio was held in Grain of Wheat Art Museum in Seoul throughout May 2004. The members of the Studio in attendance included the vice-chairman of a provincial fine arts association, president of an academy of fine arts, professors, first-class artists, famous professional painters, workers and farmers. The groupis counted among the pioneering troops that have held groundbreaking exhibitions outside of China.
2. Mr. Qian Shuobi has a background in Chinese traditional painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, making him the Love of Clothing Group’s natural choice tocurate several exhibitions from Laojia Art Museum.
3. Wu Guangzhu, the curator of National Modern Art Museum in Korea, critic Shen Hengbian, and other luminaries from political and religious communities attended the opening ceremony, held at Grain of Wheat Art Museum. Pastor Hong Zhengji, acting in capacity as Representative of the Grain of Wheat Art Museum, invited famous disabled Koreanmusicians to perform at the opening ceremony. Shown here is the interpreter, Miss Bai, Mingnu introducing the works following the opening ceremony.
4. Laojia stands in front of the sculpture “We Workers Have Power” at the entrance hall of the Korean National Modern Art Museum.
5. Asia Art Museum rests in Gumi, the Silicon Valley of Korea, located at the center of the peninsula. Laojia was a guest at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
6. Members of the Studio sightseeing on Jeju Island, Korea.
7. Halla Mountain is the highest peak on Jeju, the largest island in Korea; Laojia toted his sketchbook halfway up the mountain.