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Laojia, director of Laojia art museum, a researcher of China National Academy of painting, a researcher of Chinese National Academy of Arts, a member of China artists association, and Professor at the Beijing Art Institute, also named Jia Haoyi, is a senior Chinese artist known for his paintings of horses. Born in 1936 in Zunhua County, Hebei Province, Jia Haoyi studied at the Art Faculty of the Beijing Art Institute from 1958 to 1961. During the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 76), he was engaged in the production of political paintings and leaflets. Subsequently he traveled widely within China, visiting Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and Gansu Province. Since the 1980s his work has been shown internationally, including exhibitions in Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan. By 1987, critics had declared him a first-class artist and his works  have been collected by major museums throughout China. The name "Laojia" is now well known among-st the artists of China and throughout Asia, as well as within the United States and Europe.
He believes that: Art is from the heart and a gift from heaven.