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2016-05-17 00:12:17来源:作者:LAOJIA

I have been doing art for sixty years, and I still maintain the principle of life for art. Art cannot save life, art cannot control life, but art can help life. My works are a reflection of a part of China’s history. Whether the subject matter is horses, cows, mountains or water, everything is a reflection of society.

I am confident that I have tried to create work that is beneficial to society. I am confident that I have made paintings that have never been painted before. My painting is filled with strength, but perhaps is too aggressive; I have emphasized purity, but perhaps been too careless; I have emphasized movement, and perhaps not been in line with that“quiet state;”I have emphasized the use of brush and ink, but perhaps have not been expansive enough. My painting is a bit confused, and perhaps is too“modern.”“No need for watching”is my“motto.”