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Streams of Iron

“In the early eighties, I experienced a great and powerful desire to create something new. It can be said that I was thinking everyday, and didn’t want to continue within the same old paths, desiring to build new forms. Where should I start? With horses of course. Streams of Iron was thus created under the influence of such a state. The creation of this painting was a sort of demonstration of power to myself. All things were like unstoppably flowing streams of iron. The work emphasized strength of force, but I was met with the question of how to attain such force. I realized I needed to comprehensively reorganize, allowing me to ambitiously hide the shape of the horse. Such a technique was not new in Western painting, but had no precedent in Chinese painting.”

创作年代 1999 尺寸 137.5×68.5
材质 装裱
题材 所属系列